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Flashy doesn't mean slow anymore. "Flash" technology makes possible graphically rich, animated, interactive features that nonetheless display fast, such as an animated banner or downloadable game to promote your products. Flash is also becoming a standard tool for corporate presentations.

  • Promotional games - Let us develop a simple computer game in Flash to promote your products! Offer it as a free download on your website, or let surfers (potential customers) play it on-line. We can also develop an animated screen saver. Entertainment is a powerful means of communicating your marketing message.
  • A fully animated product teaser for your web site, with hand-drawn, animated, speaking characters and a musical score provided by our sound gurus.
  • An interactive on-line Flash application to sell your products and gather feedback from your customers.
  • Off-line presentation - your presentation, converted into a Windows or Mac compatible application on a CD, for you and your business partners to take to the next product expo.
  • Animated banner - the basic tool for marketing your products/services on-line and increasing banner clickthrough rate. Supported by an ever-increasing number of internet advertising systems.



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