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Hand-created artwork finds its place even in our highly digitized world. Traditional art is especially respected at Studio Vlado, where we draw on the talents of artists working in pencil, crayon, watercolor, tempera, oil color and even silk and cloth, to produce

  • Unique silk scarves and ties - with artistic patterns as corporate gifts to please your VIP clients. Our artists also design cloth, mugs, etc.
  • Corporate Materials - In addition to providing clear and precise technical graphics, we will bring your annual report to life with traditional art illustration and decoration.
  • Books for children and adults - magazine illustration - posters
  • Interior Decoration - Our watercolor and tempera artists work on decorative paintings used in hotel lobbies, bank interiors and airline lounges.
  • Cartoon-style Sketches - Stylish animation will greatly enrich your corporate presentation. Designs range from traditional comic-style to animation. We also design company mascot and logos.

Advanced technology and traditional art can be a powerful combination. Visit our Multimedia section.




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